Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Cal Diaper Bank & The Beach Barn

I wanted to pass along some information about the So Cal Diaper Bank.

A long time friend of mine passed this info on to me - her friend has started this charity. I wanted to see how I / The Beach Barn would be able to help out too. I contacted her to let her know I would love to donate some of my baby blankets to the babies in need she works with. We are now planning on getting together to visit a shelter and donate the goods! : )

Here is what her charity is all about:

This charity provides diapers to infants and toddlers in need here in my community free of charge. It has not been easy to do this on my own, while raising the two boys, but I believe in this cause and I am very excited and proud of this charity.

Please take a look at my website I created at http://socaldiaperbank.org/

I am truly excited and know how important it is to make a difference in people's lives, especially the innocent who cannot protect themselves. My own children inspire me daily and have definitely had an impact on my drive with my charity. I hope you all can appreciate the site and of course, if you are able to help, feel free to make a donation!

Both myself and the needy children thank you in advance!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jungle Jamboree Baby Basket

This Beach Barn Basket Contains:
Wash 'N Wipes
Travel Blankie
Changing Pad
Forever Woobie
Travel Wipe Case
Burp Cloths

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