Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last Day To...

Enter To WIN 
One of My
Beach Barn Baby Baskets!

For All of the Details

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skout Trade Fair

*Have you Heard of Skout Trade Fair?

**Do you Belong to Skout Trade Fair??

***What are Your Thoughts About it???

"Skout Trade Fair - the place to be seen if you buy, sell, write about, 
design, show, represent or photograph 
fabulous kids and yummy mummy products"

I had never heard of it until this evening 
while browsing through 
Giggleberry Creations

I created a profile
but you have to wait for it to be approved.

The website doesn't give you much information 
unless you're a member.

So, I'm waiting for an approval 
to be able to learn & share more about it.

Please leave any information you might have about 
Skout Trade Fair

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Cedar Wraps

Have you Ever Used Cedar Wraps?

They're Great!

Try Stuffed Salmon...YUM!
I've Never Tried this Brand
Just Stumbled Across their Website.

Hi Ho Cherry O

I Made this Cherry Themed Basket for 
an Order I Received on Etsy.

She Bought it for a Friend
 Who has had a Long Time Love for Cherries
& had Just had a Brand New Baby Girl...

She Thought it was the Perfect Fit!

How Cute is the Baby's Name?!

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"Whipped" on Banana Bread!

This Banana Bread is....

If you LoVe Banana Bread this is a 
Must Try Recipe!

I have to bake this in mini loafs 
& tell myself only 1 or 2.
Otherwise, I find the entire regular loaf is 
gone in mere minutes!

I stumbled across 
While looking for a new banana bread recipe 
one day, a while back.
Not only is this banana bread great, 
so is her Blog.

Go On...
Stop By & Take a Peek

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Monday, April 12, 2010

*For the Sports Fanatic!

LA Lakers 
Baby Basket

San Diego Chargers 
Baby Basket

I recently created these 
Sports Themed
Baby Baskets...

Who's Your Favorite Team???

I Can Create a Custom Team 
Baby Basket for You!

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