Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Still Alive!


I Can't Believe I've Been Away 
From My Sweet Lil Blog Here
For Over a Month!

I Promise...
I'm Still Alive! :  )

I Had a Busy End of July Filling
Lots of Baby Basket Orders.

The Beginning of August Was Spent
In Ohio for My Cousin's Wedding
Visiting Family.

This Last Week Was Spent With 
GP's Family, Visiting from Italy!

His Brother & My Cousin 
Picked the Same 
Wedding Day!

So, That Meant I Was in Ohio with My Family
& He Was Here, in California, with His Family.

Such a Bummer That We Didn't Get to 
Celebrate Both Weddings Together!

But GP Was Able to Make it to Ohio to Visit 
His Family Was Still in CA When We Arrived 
Back Home, From Ohio, to be Able to Visit.

Now, It's Already the
End of August...

I'm Trying to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer...
And Not Let the Idea of 
The Holidays
Creep in My Head All Too Much...
Just Yet!

:  )

I'm Really Lovin' The Birthday Cake!
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