Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dog Training

*Finding your Pooch Needs a Little Extra TLC?!?!?!

While sitting at dinner with friends last night we started talking about our dogs. We started telling them about the great experience we had with our dog trainer, Leonard. Remembering I had already wrote a post about him previously, I couldn't help myself but do it again.

If you live in the Southern California area and are looking for a dog trainer, I would highly recommend Leonard with Dominant Dogs.
He really can change your dogs behavior.

We sent our dog, Cowboy, to his Temecula facility for 5 days.

Take a peek at his website:

(Slideshow & Picture from Leonard's Website)
BTW ~ Our dog Cowboy is on the very end, on the right of this picture : )



Hi Aimee! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I try to make it a fun and interesting place to find some great ideas for parties. :)

I love your baby baskets! Very nice. I will certainly keep you in mind if I am in need of that sort of thing. My son was just married this past maybe soon! :)

Have a great day.

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