Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Piece of Pie

(Picture from Flickr: Coo Koo Ri Koo)

It's National Pie Day!

I LoVe to Bake...

Thought I would Celebrate
by sharing some

Cute Pie
Valentine Ideas

with you!
(Picture from Flickr: Bakerella)

If you haven't visited Bakerella's Blog, now Website
You're Missing OUT!!!

She has Fun & Wonderful Ideas...
Great Pictures...
Awesome Tutorials...
I mean...
Come on...
How CUTE are these!?!?

Find out all about
Heart Pie Pops

Feel free to share Your Favorite
Pie Recipe



Room to Inspire

Great ideas - I just love scrolling through all of the great ideas at Bakerella!


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